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Computer/Network Repair

  • Correcting computer issues causing it to run slow

  • Most repairs done remotely but onsite is possible if needed

  • Updating of installed programs, installation of programs to include Windows

  • Complete virus scans and removal of viruses and malware

Computer/Network Security

  • Installation of computer antivirus/malware programs

  • Setup of routers and network security

  • Setup of encryption, VPN's, and secure services if needed

  • Most security setup and tasks done remotely but onsite is possible if needed

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Smart Home Integration.jfif

Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Integration starts with intial setup of smart home device (ex. Alexa or Google Nest) for your home and then you will have multiple smart home options ranging from smart appliances, smart lights, smart biometric door locks, and indoor or outdoor security cameras just to name a few. With all of the available options today, it is possible to provide yourself peace of mind with full control and security of your home in the palm of your hand. Even when you are not home.

Security Camera Systems

You can have peace of mind with integration of indoor or outdoor security camera systems and smart home technology. It makes home or business security simple and easy. It's now possible to setup your system to monitor motion and only alert you if a person is detected. This will conserve battery life while providing a clear picture day or night. Integrating cameras and security systems with your smart home system allows you to see who's at your front door or around your house whether you're home or not.

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Website Development & Maintenance

Website development consists of building modern and user friendly websites that fit any and all of your personal or business needs. Our services, also include business profile creation and management, making your business visible in web searches. We also provide services to help you with productivity and efficiency for both you and your customers.

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